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Hi there,

This is DevOpsLinks community blog.

We don’t have many rules but some are important:

– Blog posts are in English – You don’t need to be a native English speaker. Simple, correct content is okay! If you’d like to write in another language or if you have any suggestion, I’ll be glad to read you, email me
– Every blog post should contain at least one featured large or medium image – if you don’t have any image, use websites like, or
– The purpose of your blog posts should not be promotional but you can include a call-to-action message to promote your services, products, blogs, webinars or at the end of the blog post (30 words / 200 characters would be okay).

According to your messages, these are the topics and technologies you suggested:

– Ansible, Salstack, Chef
– Linux, Scripting
– Windows, .NET, C#,
– Git, CircleCI, CI/CD,
– Docker, Kubernetes,
– Cloud Computing & Serverless
– Elasticsearch
– Cisco
– AI, Machine learning
– Security, SecDevOps, pentesting,
– Scalability
– Optimization & Process
– Transitioning and re-conversion into DevOps
– Culture, ChatOps, HumanOps
– ..etc

It’s up to you to suggest new ideas, topics, technologies, as we are open to your feedback !

In order to submit your first article:

– Create an account here
– Confirm your account using the link you’ll receive in your email
– Update your user information: Social networks and bio as it will show under every article you submit
– Create a draft article: Click on “Posts” -> “Add New” -> add your content -> “Submit For Review”